NTA Cases

Case: Red Light Traffic Signal at Beach Rd


An NTA member “John” was making a right turn from Beach Road to Java Rd. In so doing; a car (Driver B) from the opposite 3rd lane collided into John’s left passenger door.

John was charged by TP under Section 64(1) of the Road Traffic Act Chapter 276 This amounts to 24 demerit points and revoke of driving license; on top of that John was sentenced to a prison sentence.

John approached NTA for help and NTA referred John to a Pro-Bono lawyer. The lawyer advised a good chance of reducing the charge. John engaged a lawyer who correctly identified that the turn into Java Rd does not have a red light traffic signal; there is only a green arrow.

Further video evidence proved reckless act on Driver B’s part. Vehicles at lane 1 and 2 waited for John to complete the right turn before moving, but Driver B did not.

TP reduced charges to 9 demerit points; to Section 65(b) of Road traffic act which reads “Failing to give way to traffic right of way”. Legal fees were also paid for by Driver B. Importantly, John retained his driving license and livelihood.